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Original oil painting of sunlight shining through trees.

This painting shows a scene of sunlight shining on long grass, viewed through trees. It was painted ‘en plein air’, meaning it was painted outside at the scene, rather than in the studio. The paint was applied quickly, giving a lot of movement to the painting, and the texture of the paint is thick, giving definition to the visible brushmarks. The style is impressionistic in the way it describes the leaves and dappled light.

The size is 60 x 50cm (23.6 x 19.7in), painted on stretched canvas. The piece will be sent with the canvas still on the stretcher, ready for display.

Painted with oil paints.

The sides of the canvas are neatened off and painted white. Because the piece is finished in this way, there is no need to frame it (unless you want to!) and it can be displayed as-is.

Colours may differ slightly from these pictures (monitors and screens are not all the same).

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