Acrylic on stretched canvas.  20X20 cm  £60 . . . .

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An original acrylic painting of a single Peony.

This beautiful canvas sets off a delicate pink peony against a soft lilac background. It is created with loose, feathery brushstrokes, giving the flower an almost translucent feel. Gentle variations in colour and texture add depth to the background.

The size is 20 x 20cm, painted on stretched canvas. The piece will be sent with the canvas still on the stretcher, ready for display.

Painted with acrylic paints, which deliver beautiful vibrant colours and give a durable finish.

The sides of the canvas are painted, and the petals curl slightly around the edge of the piece on one side. Because the piece is finished in this way, there is no need to frame it (unless you want to!) and it can be displayed as-is.

This is a small work and could just as easily be displayed propped up on a mantelpiece or desk.

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